Monday, October 19, 2009

I have a problem

I think I have OCCCD. Never heard of it? It's Obsessive Candy Corn Consumption Disorder. Sure signs you have OCCCD:

  • You go through the motions of hiding the candy corn in the back of the pantry...and then go get some 45 seconds later.
  • When you come across an opened bag of candy corn in a cabinet at work in August (and realize it's 10 months old), you still eat some.
  • For portion control, you pour about 4-5 pieces of candy corn out into your hand and then put the bag back up before you eat them. You then repeat this process 6 times in immediate succession.
  • You consider packing a little container of candy corn to take with you to work. 9 hours is too long to go without it.
  • You sneak into the kitchen to eat candy corn when your husband isn't looking. It keeps him from judging you...and eating the candy corn.
  • You plan to make a special trip to Wal Mart (where you hate shopping) because their Sunday flyer shows that they have a sale on candy corn.

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