Sunday, March 29, 2009

an unexpected long weekend

Would you pay $777.66 to get to stay home from work for a day? I did.

Wednesday when I was walking from my car to the garage door, I noticed a hissing noise and a hot smell coming from my car. I thought, "hmm...that's not so good," but then promptly forgot about it. Before you chastise me, remember that my car is 23 years old. It makes lots of odd noises and rarely creates good smells. Thursday I got home from work around 7 pm it was doing the same thing, so I had Keith come take a look. After checking the temperature gauge (which had made it's way past the red), we agreed I would take my car in to Firestone after work on Friday.

Friday morning I hadn't even made it to the highway (about a mile away) before the temp guage made its way all the way to the right, so I turned the car around and headed to Firestone. When I called to let them know I was on the way, they told me to pull over immediately and let it cool off. After waiting in the Goody Goody Liquor store parking lot for about 20 minutes with my hood up, looking like quite the hooligan, I drove the final two blocks to Firestone. Since they had to let the car completely cool, heat it back up again and then run some tests, the nice Firestone gave me a ride home so I could wait there. At least I could respond to work emails from home. In the end it took a new radiator and hoses, 7 hours and $777.66 to get my car back to normal.

It wasn't all bad, though, because I got an unexpected day to play at home! I scrapped most of the day and made myself a grilled pb and banana sandwich for lunch. It was a relaxing start to a 3-day weekend that just happened to cost me nearly $800.

And just so you don't use this experience as a reason to tell me I need a new car, I'm proud to say that the Firestone guy said my car was in pretty good shape for its age. It's never going to die. Never.

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