Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not as picky as they think I am

I'm infamous among my family as being a picky eater. I spent many a family holiday eating ham, rolls and then lots of dessert while the rest of the family piled their plates high with a huge variety of "yummy" foods. I still remain a rather...discerning...eater (no red meat or spicy food, for starters), but have discovered that I like a lot of other foods that I didn't get a chance to try as a kid.

Keith's equally picky, but unfortunately he shuns almost an entire food group. He can't stomach most cooked vegetables. Technically, he can't swallow most cooked vegetables. (We'll discuss the infamous "Green Bean Incident" from his childhood another day.)

We're open to trying new foods, though, and have been trying out new restaurants from the Entertainment Passbook that my mother-in-law gave us. (thanks, Cindy!) A couple of weeks ago we tried out a Mediterranean restaurant in Richardson called Afrah. It was delicious and now that we're looking at the photos again we want to go back!

Keith ate Kafka (a beef dish) with rice and baba ganoush, I ate chicken kabobs with rice and hummus, and we both had the falafel appetizer and lots of warm, delicious pita bread. mmm...pita bread

Yes, Keith's food looked like that before he ate it. He also actually enjoyed the baba ganoush (it's made with cooked eggplant!)

The reason I look so happy is because of the pita bread in my hand.

We couldn't resist some fresh pistachio baklava.

Who wants to go back to Afrah with us?

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