Monday, June 1, 2009

displaying memorabilia on a layout

I like to save things, and when those things are relatively flat I like to put them in my scrapbooks so I can actually look at them. I'm a pro at the fake pocket pages (see the July layout a few posts back) where larger pieces of memorabilia are sandwiched between a full sheet of paper in the back and a half sheet of paper in front. Sometimes, though, I want something different. With a simple and streamlined end result in mind, I wanted to find a way to display all of our brochures, maps, tickets and other items from our road trip a few summers back. Since we had a few different stops I sorted the items by city (I love sorting!--stop judging me now) and then formatted my journaling for each city to go on the vellum overlay. It's not really a pocket, since there's no bottom, but it is still designed to keep the memorabilia in place. The two sections on the right hand side are separated at the top of the "pocket" by a tiny white brad through the ribbon. I'll admit, I felt pretty clever when I used a brad that was the exact same size as the dots on the ribbon. The end result is a layout with two photos, lots of journaling, even more memorabilia, and yet it still looks clean and simple. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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