Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday's Thanksgiving prep update

As of 5 pm today all Thanksgiving food, with the exception of the turkey, has been cooked/prepped for Thursday. In fact, if Thanksgiving were to be suddenly moved to Wednesday, I would be ready! This is in spite of the fact that Monday's HVAC visit resulted in an overloaded circuit of some sort and we were without power in part of the house until another HVAC guy came out this afternoon.
Thanksgiving to do list :
  • clean/condition the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms (this stuff is amazing. My cabinets look so much better and the house smells nice and citrusy)
  • Pull recipes for my go-to Thanksgiving recipes (chocolate chunk pecan pie and my apple pecan dressing)
  • make shopping lists for Sprouts and Wal Mart
  • determine menu with family (we do potluck style meals)
  • go shopping at Sprouts and Wal Mart
  • deep clean kitchen and bathrooms
  • vacuum
  • clean windows
  • clean bottom of oven so it doesn't smoke during the Alton Brown turkey roasting method
  • clear out/organize fridge to make room for ridiculous quantities of food
  • tidy up front yard vegetation (aka: make it look like we don't live in a jungle)
  • clean carpets (thanks to a Bissell carpet cleaner borrowed from some friends)
  • make brine for turkey
  • chop veggies for dressing
  • make cornbread for dressing
  • toast and cube bread for dressing
  • chop pecans and apples for dressing (okay, so the dressing is a little labor intensive, Keith and I think it's amazing and totally worth it)
  • meet with A/C repairmen for the 84th time since July
  • change out front door handle and locks (Keith)
  • change out guest bath toilet seat (Keith)
  • hang hand towel ring in guest bath (Keith)
  • change out smoke detector in the hallway (Keith)--no, not in preparation for my cooking; it's just a task we've procrastinated on
  • rehang hallway light that is trying to fall down 
  • meet the HVAC guy again
  • mow, if the yard dries out in time (Keith)
  • dust
  • sweep front porch
  • clean porch light
  • make pie crusts
  • bake pies

do Wednesday
  • sautee veggies for dressing 
  • mix dressing
  • prep and brine turkey
  • enjoy the day
  • do all of the other things I inevitably procrastinated on earlier in the week
  • go to bed at a reasonable hour on Thanksgiving Eve for quite possibly the first time in our marriage

do Thanksgiving day
  • roast Turkey
  • bake dressing
  • eat
  • play games
  • eat 
  • play games
  • eat
  • go to bed late, but happy

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