Wednesday, July 8, 2009

87 degrees

87 degrees, 9:30 at night. At this point, I told Keith I wish we'd just kept the old moldy AC unit. I guess I got really hot last night because I was actually dreaming about being hot and that someone was not willing to turn the air conditioner down. People at work would probably laugh, because I am always cold at work, even when my coworkers are too warm. Even my family knows me as the cold natured one, because they always make me turn the AC down (including at Christmas!) and then I freeze. You know it's got to be bad if it's so hot that I can't sleep!

The AC guys are supposed to come back out tonight (visit #5) because the brand new AC isn't cooling, it's just blowing recirculated air. They have 25 more minutes before we hit the 10 pm end of their self-imposed window.

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