Saturday, May 23, 2009

wait...I can explain

What's behind my sudden disappearance? Basically, April. The end of the school year in Housing is absolutely crazy. We warn new employees, but I don't think they really understand until they've experienced it.

Here's my last 34 days in numbers:
1 birthday party
1 meal brought to a coworker who is a new mom
1 tri-org picnic
1 HOST (desk clerk) training/retreat day
1 call to 911 for a desk clerk who injured her knee at the retreat
1 bridal shower
2 Mother's Day gifts made
2 weddings
2 trips out of town
2 Midlevel lunches
2 apartment walkthroughs
3 trips to WalMart for work purchases
3 trips planned for employees' travel to conferences
4 wogs (walking/jogging around the neighborhood)
4 scrapbook layouts completed
5 hall director staff meetings
6 trips to the gym to work out
6 awards ceremonies
7 days on call
7 trips to local vendors to order and pick up awards
11 loads of laundry, 6 of which took a week and a half to finish
13 7:45 am visits to other halls to take desk clerk photos
16+ hours spent in meetings with the Midlevel Management team
17 group photos taken of hall staffs and other work teams
19 hall director selection files compiled and reviewed

Thankfully, Keith is amazing, completely understanding, and never once complained about how few actual dinners we got to eat together. I'm finally getting back into my groove--the house is picked up again, we have food in the fridge and menus planned out for the week, I have more energy, and I have some serious scrapping time planned out for this long weekend. I'll post some stuff soon!

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